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- President / Creative Director / On-Air Talent / Entrepreneur-

Celebrity Party Planner  & Celebrity Wedding Planner

  (we could also include parparazzi detractor, fluff and fold, food critic, conceirge and best friend to her growing list of accomplishments)

When Sharon Osbourne called Michele to see if she could put together a party in a few days for Kelly's 17th birthday, Michele had no idea what the future forecasted. Until then, Michele planned multiple parties for the Osbourne's beginning with Jack's 13th birthday and included record releases, flim debuts and personal events.  "Oh, one more thing" Sharon said, "they will be filming it for a little show about Ozzy being a Father." Nine months pregnant, Michele arrived to the house and was immediately sent to the garage for a microphone and appearance release paperwork. Nobody, not even the film crew had any idea what a huge success the show would become.  It turned out that Kelly's party was episode #3 of  "The Osbournes" which immediately became a hit;  the series won an Emmy and reality TV was born. During the filming, Michele was called on repeatedly to bring in family dinners and plan parties.  One party changed her life forever, Sharon was about to turn 50 so she called Michele to plan her big party which included a wedding ceremony because her gift from Ozzy was a renewal of their vows all on New Year's Eve. Originally planned as an episode of the show, MTV decided to air the wedding live on New Year's Eve. With less than 48 hours notice of the special event the guest count grew from 400 to over 641 guests.  Thriving under pressure, the event was a huge success earning Michele her first International Gala Award and press around the globe.  


Overnight success brought more events and Michele became sought after as on-air talent and event planner for many of the biggest reality weddings on televison from Snoop Dogg's Wedding renewal to the season finale of "Fantasy Factory" where Rob Dyrdek hired Michele to plan his sister's wedding which he officiated after receiving his mail order Minister certification.  That same year TLC featured her wedding for Niecy Nash and Jay Tucker as #6 on "Top 10 Weddings of 2011" which itself was a  two hour special. You may have even caught a quick glimpse of her on other shows where she was featured as a business expert such as "Peter Perfect", "We mean Business" and "Redemption Song."  


With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater, she is an expert in lighting, set design and stage management. In fact, she considers every event a stage. She creates the drama guests enjoy by having an event unfold through various spaces. Every element becomes an exploration of the senses. From fragrant gardenias to an impromptu jazz harpist, she understands that every element is important to the overall experience. 


A business guru and entrepreneur, Michele has been hired to create marketing ideas for Fortune 100 companies. She understands what is needed for long term branding impact. From executing new records in the Guinness Book of World Records to subtly placing company logos at events, she understands the needs of her clients.  Her events have been featured on Page 6, Life & Style, People, Ok! just to start the name dropping.  


(Marketing and PR companies hire her undercover as their secret weapon and she keeps the secret. Shhhh.)


Over the years she has  passed along her in depth knowledge of catering, the roots of her special event career, by serving as a business consultant to many of Hollywood's greatest chefs, including but not limited to, Helen An, Celestino Drago and Fred Eric. She literally took their notes of favorite dishes, created catering menus, branding products and executed full-blown events in their names earning them further accolades. 


Michele has been working in special events for so long that some people still go by her maiden name.  With 22 years in the industry, whether you know her as Michele Fox, Michele Gott or the crazy long version, Michele Fox Gott, you know that you are in the hands of a woman who will put her whole heart into your event.  


The future is bright. Everyday is exciting.  Come along for the ride. 



International Award Winner- 

2004 Best Event for A Private Individual for Sharon Osbourne's 50th Birthday


2019 Best Wedding for Kat Von D & Prayers

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