A Robert and Sandra

Langham Huntington Hotel

Pasadena, California

Photographs by Heidi Ryder Photography

A beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple celebrating athe legendary Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena.  This grand hotel is one of my very favorite venues.  The moment your car arrives in the circle drive you feel spoiled by the staff.  The lobby entrance is always filled with beautiful flowers.  Every member of the staff goes out of their way to make your time at the Huntington extra special.  For our couple, we were fortunate to have their wedding in the Japanese garden bridge with chairs surrounding them by their friends for a magical ceremony where everyone had a fabulous view.  I love this alternative option to the classic wedding aisle.  

For the reception, we were in a ballroom which was build with attention to detail unlike many of the modern ballrooms.  The woodwork was prestine. A china cabinet in our room made the event feel more intimate as if we were in a grand parlor not as guests but as part of the rich history of the hotel which we were creating with our wedding.  


A Fall wedding, our bride selected rich red hues with accents of gold.  From the bridal party bouquets to the lighting of roses on the ballroom walls every detail was gorgeous. A mix of two cultures as we wed a bride from Honduras and a groom from Ireland, both were represented.  For our gentlemen we brought in Clauddagh dancers to lead in the grand entrance and perform a special dance for our guests during dinner.  For our bride we brought in a world renowned Flamenco Guitarist and dancer. Her foot pounding, high energy dance started of the night of dancing for all.

International Award Winner- 

2004 Best Event for A Private Individual for Sharon Osbourne's 50th Birthday


2019 Best Wedding for Kat Von D & Prayers

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