Thom and Karina

St. Sophia Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Reception in Home

Beverly Hills, California

Photographs by Todd Johnson Photography

One of our favorite weddings planned on lucky 7-7-7.  Fabulous bride with fabulous taste.  We recreated their front yard into a Versailles wonderland that would have made Marie Antoinette jealous.  Instead of a traditional tent we used fabric with billowed in the wind for an enchanting effect.  Crystal chandeliers glistened in the sunlight.  Fabulous food from our celebrity chef everyone with chilean sea bass  with ginger miso sauce or braised short ribs with a fig balsamic reduction.  An example of our catering at it's finist.  

International Award Winner- 

2004 Best Event for A Private Individual for Sharon Osbourne's 50th Birthday


2019 Best Wedding for Kat Von D & Prayers

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