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 Center of Attention Events is a creative design driven production agency.  Driven by highly experienced and passionate individuals, we are dedicated to creating innovative designs that will come to life by professional lighting designers, sound engineers, catering, floral designers and event management. In addition, we provide PR solutions alongside strategic brand partnerships. 



Party Planner

Celebrity Event Planner

Trendsetters call Michele to plan their biggest events: Kelly Osbourne, Kat Von D, Rob Dyrdek, Deadmau5... including Reality TV Weddings for Sharon & Ozzy, Snoop Dogg & Shante, Niecy & Jay...



Creative Event Design
We shop every prop house and rental company to design the event of your dreams. If we can't find it, we will build it.  Then we light up every detail. After all lighting makes the event come to life.  




Wedding Planner-
We love weddings. Seeing the couple's faces when they see all of our ideas if full bloom.   Planning a wedding is a very personal process. Unlike any other event, we spend hours with the couple becoming more than a wedding planner, we become a friend.  We work hard to insure we are the correct match from the beginning, because planning a wedding is a very personal and often emotional experience. Being chosen as the wedding planner is an honor we respect.  We do our best to make the wedding planning process fun. We will brainstorm and troubleshoot throughout the process so you can relax.  Our OCD is on it.  





With twenty years as an event planning company, our event production company is driven by passionate event planners dedicated to creating unique guest experiences combined with strategic brand partnerships.


Our Los Angeles based production company has built teams of leadership around the country to insure that we can execute events in mulitple locations flawlessly.  


Every day is a new adventure. We plan bar / bat mitzvahs, quincineras, weddings, birthday parties, corporate galas, marketing campaigns and destination management events.  We handle all the details including location search, activity itineraries, design, rentals, lighting, photography, models

plus all the little details. 

International Award Winner- 

2004 Best Event for A Private Individual for Sharon Osbourne's 50th Birthday


2019 Best Wedding for Kat Von D & Prayers

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