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Popsicles for parties

My friends eyes lit up as he poked his eyes and pointed across the street, so I turned in panic to discover a trendy popsicle shop called "Suck It." Inside were framed letters from neighbors delirious with anger about the name of the shop. I loved her for framing the complaints and I loved her even more after tasting my first gourmet popsicle. Forget the fruit, these were popsicles for grown-ups. Bailey's with chocolate chips popsicles sent me into immediate daydreams of the possiblities.

When I was a little girl, the sound of the music from the ice cream truck would send me skipping in hopes of a banana popsicle which was super exclusive since the grocery store boxes only had cherry, orange and grape. A banana popsicle made me feel like a queen.

Since my first lick of the gourmet pop, I have been collecting recipes. Check out my pinterest board http://www.pinterest.com/michelefoxgott/popsicles/ Plus I would love if you would share your favorite recipes and pictures too.

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