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In Search of the Perfect Macaroon, the new party essential

Coo-coo for macaroons. My first party request was for party favors using little clear boxes filled with Macaroons tied with a pretty ribbon, perfect touch for a Marie Antoinette inspired wedding. Once I saw the bright vibrant colors of the cookies, I was smitten with love at first sight or was it bite.

Color coordinating your macaroons with your party theme makes them the perfect dessert.

Here are my favorite macaroons, each for a different reason:

All of my clients rave that the "Macaron" at laduree in Paris is by far the very best. After a little research I discovered that the first Macaroons were documented in the 9th century. They were flat cookies. The laduree Macaron was created in the 20th century by Pierre Desontaines who first filled the two cookie shells with creamy ganache.

In Los Angeles, the most beautifully packaged macaroons are from Bottega-Louis. The perfect gift for $60. My pick over flowers anytime.

Because I just can't get enough macaroon, I have fallen head over heals for the giant three inch version from chef Alan Jackson at his restaurants called Lemonade. I cater with him all the time and love when they bring the fleur de sel because I love the contrast of sea salt and sweetness.

We picked up this beautiful Macaroon Croquembush from Lette in Beverly Hills. They have lines and lines of colorful cookies displayed like an ice cream shop. Find their little shop in little Beverly Hills on hidden just off Beverly Drive.

Milk has super colorful macaroons that just look like a party. Forget tradition and just have fun.

Love to hear where you find your favorite macaroon. I am always ready to taste test.

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