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Hollywood Premier Party with Screening of The Legend of The Mantamanji at Harmony Gold

Our very good friend, Disney Dirctor, Dean Seaton, called us to plan the premier party for the Legend of the Mantamaji. He had written the first ever action hero comic book highliging African American heros and characters. This groundbreaking comic book has won many awards so now it was time for him to create a short for intvestors and film industry execs to view.

Held at the Harmony Gold Theater in Los Angeles the premier offered the perfect opportunity for guest to interact with the host and writer and the cast. The "blue" carpet and blue lighting set the tone for the night and brought Mantamaji alive. Many of Disney's hottest stars attended the event including the cast of the Thundermans. Nora was adorable on the step and repeat.

We brought the fun of the comic book intos every aspect of the event. We love adding identity brandy to our corporate events. So we used the pages of the comic book for as cone popcorn holders for the delicious parmesan truffle popcorn.

Movies and popcorn go togehter. We spoiled our guests with parmesan truffle popcorn in adorbale cones that we made from the pages of the comic book.

Creativity didn't stop there.... we had super cesear salad, power noodles, and hero sandwiches with stickers of our comic book hero on the sandwich paper. It was the perfect grab and go buffet for our hungry guests.

A social media photo booth allowed guests to dress up as characters with props from the movie and upload their pictures to instagram, twitter and facebook immediatly. #LegendoftheMantamanji started trending immediatly inviting guests to watch the debut trailer the next day at a specific online premier. This was a huge hit with guests!

What a great event, we're so thrilled that we were able to be a part of it!

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