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What's trending in events - vegan menus

This veggie loving girl loves watching a carnivore drool over our vegan menus. I had a guy actually argue with me last year because he swore (literally swore), that my beyond beef burger was beef. I quote, "That's beef!!!! that's f^@('n good!!!!" In his world, it had to be beef to be good. Surprise, surprise. Turning carnivores into a plant based diet lovers, one bite at a time, is my favorite pastime. At home, we have vegans, vegetarians and carnivores so every meal I make has at least two versions, sometimes three. For example, I make the exact same chili side by side on the stove, I just substitute Trader Joe's Beefless Ground Beef for the traditional meat lovers ground beef in my vegan pot. Adding Frito's, cheese and sour cream toppings, is what separate's the herd's at the dinner table.

Here is an article I wrote forHoneyfund.com about the vegan craze at events. What many don't know is that I was a caterer long before I was an event planner so if we don't hire a traditional vegan chef, I work directly with chef's to create the recipes to fulfill our vegan requests. Any chef can do it. We just consult with them to use some of vegan hacks like using black salt to mimic egg flavor, use liquid smoke for a bacon flavor, and substitute 1 Tbls ground flax seeds to 3 Tbls water for one egg when baking. Those are just a few of my daily kitchen hacks. Feel free to reach out if you need more.

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Read the article here: https://www.honeyfund.com/blog/culinary-surprises-at-vegan-weddings/

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