Questions we are often Asked

- a little Q&A about the event business-

What inspired our company name?


As a caterer and entrepreneur, Michele was often approached by Nordstrom to find the perfect table linen or gorgeous silver tea stand to match the theme of their events. This was long before there were all the specialty event prop shops available today so Michele found herself building an inventory of her own unique collection.  Since her pieces were purchased to fulfill individual tastes that extended past her general catering requirements, it was only natural to start her own business. Realizing her company was built on the concept of creating unique centerpieces and table designs, she named the company Center of Attention.


Today her clients consider themselves to be the Center of Attention as they receive personalized care. 


How long have you been doing events?

Michele began planning events long before she even realized what she was doing and way before she ever dreamed of being a celebrity wedding planner.  For her eighth birthday she asked for an omelet pan because she loved to watch the chefs make omelets when her family would go out for Sunday brunch and wanted to try in for herself.  In college she worked at a sports bar and was constantly organizing everything from “Fight Nights” to “Rock and Bowl” parties.  Now 22 years later she has grown and brought a team along with her.  She started her first catering business in 1994 in Chicago but fell in love and moved to Los Angeles.  Center of Attention was officially born in 1998. 


What type of events do you do?


Not your typical wedding planner.  Not your typical anything.  Most of our clients are long term asking us to plan all the events in their lives from Holiday Parties to Baby Showers.  Everyday in our office is a new adventure.  At anytime we could be juggling a corporate open house, a bar mitzvah, a wedding and a surprise birthday party all at the same time. 


What is your specialty?


Food!! We are foodies, and are proud to have been hired to consult and build catering divisions for many of the hottest chefs in Los Angeles:  Helen AN (Crustacean / AN Catering), Celestino Drago (Drago Centro / Il Pastio / Drago Catering), Fred Eric (Tiara Café) well as many up and coming chefs who we keep tucked away in our pockets. 


Since we work hand in hand with our chefs, we can help create mind blowing menus.  We help the chefs by taking care of all the details from staffing to rentals so they can concentrate on what they do best, creating fabulous food.


How much time do you need to plan an event?


Well, we almost hate to brag.  Sometimes we think our clients have us on speed dial because they wait until the last moment.  Once we proudly did an over the top 18th birthday party with everything from fireworks off the ocean to a clam bake dug in the sand in just three days. Did we mention it was gorgeous, too. The cake table featured 1,500 roses and orchids, which looked like butterflies. Celebrity party planners can pull off anything.  


What is you favorite event that you have produced?


Without a doubt planning Sharon Osbourne’s 50th birthday bash & wedding renewal was our absolute favorite.  Why? Because Sharon had been a long time client whose taste we already knew and whose confidence we had secured. We only had two meetings with Mrs. O, where she stated just a few requests: a wedding ceremony to renew her wedding vows with “Mama I’m Coming Home” playing as whe walked down the aisle and that Marilyn Manson’s former girlfriend Dita Von Teese perform a burlesque dance.  What a combination. 


We took it a hundreds steps forward by creating her own shopping mall with a credit card for each guest with her picture on the front, the kids birthdays as the numbers and a note on the back to have fun shopping at her favorite stores all signed by Sharon herself. 


For this event we won our first International Gala award and received press around the world. The wedding aired live on MTV on New Year’s Eve.  

International Award Winner- 

2004 Best Event for A Private Individual for Sharon Osbourne's 50th Birthday


2019 Best Wedding for Kat Von D & Prayers

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