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We can think of any reason to have a party. Let's fill the most important events in your life with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Rather you just want to host a small dinner party in your home with a celebrity chef to spoil your guests or throw a birthday party with all of details to celebrate the life of the honoree, we want to dig into the details to make this event one of the most important days of your life.  


I love thinking back to all of the important celebrations in our family and the celebrations seem to be bookmarks that seperate moments: baby showers, christenings,  children's birthday parties, sweet 16's / mitsvahs / quincineras, weddings, anniversaries and even milestone birthdays are all so important.  I love thinking back on how I showed someone I loved them by celebrating their life.  Who would have ever guessed someday I would be a celebrity party planner.  


Sometimes it's even fun to create silly reason's to have a party like wine tastings, superbowl parties, Oscar parties, 4th of July, pool parties, beach clam bakes., Halloween, Christmas Parties..if you can't think of a reason to have a party, we can.  Let's get started.  

Fun Things to do for a Party:


Movie Theme Party:  food dishes from famous movies like Fried Shrimp, Boiled Shrimp, BBQ Shrimp (Forest Gump), Fava Beans and Chianti (Silence of the Lambs), Lemon Meringe Pie (Million Dollar Baby)....we can go on and on

Wine Tasting Party: Have everyone bring a bottle of wine at every price point.  Disguise the wines in paperbags.  Have sommelier conduct mini instruction to the fine art of tasting wine.  Let guest judge wines and then uncover the wines they brought.  


Chef Challange Party:  Everyone bring a different ingredient for a chef to create an improptu dinner with the guests as the soux chef.  Super interactive.


Pool Party:  Hire a massuse to apply sunscreen with a nice touch.  Have snowcone margaritas. Have tipis like Nikki's Beach in Miami.  

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